Star Wars: The Warn Duology

“The Warn Duology” was/is an idea for an expanded Universe, Star Wars story that chronicles some of the events that (were) untapped in explaining the origin of the Clone Army that is portrayed in “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones”.

This story takes place around 46 years BBY (that’s Before the Battle of Yavin IV or the events of “Episode IV: A New Hope”, for those of you that aren’t Star Wars literate), or 1 year before Episode 1. In fact, a Padawan-less Qui-Gon Jinn shows up at one point, pitting the story around the
same time as Jude Watson’s “Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice” pre-teen book series, which follows the early days of Obi-Wan’s apprenticeship under Qui-Gon. The series also showcases many other familiar characters, but we won’t divulge all  those secrets just yet!

Gaeven Warn is the main character and the two-book “novella” series (duology) explores how he gets wrapped up in the conspiracy that leades to the creation of the clone army and the events of “Attack of the Clones”.

The first book, “The Santon Path“, I started writing when I was 14, so please excuse many of the continuity mistakes it harbors, since the expanded Star Wars universe has grown a LOT in the last 10 years, and I haven’t caught up with it. This book introduces the characters and the situation. It was going to be a stand-alone story, but near the end, I decided that I wanted to write more.

The second book, “The Jedi Way“, is still being written. I won’t say anything about it, since that’ll just result in a lot of surprises being ruined and secrets given away!


**Interested in reading the first 12 chapters of “The Santon Path“? Move your courser over the “Star Wars: The Warn Duology” tab at the top, left-hand side of the page (below the blog title) and select “The Santon Path”. (Click HERE if that doesn’t work.)

Same goes for “The Jedi Way”, except nothing has been posted…yet!**


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