Back To The Future II – Synopsis, Reviews and Life Lessons (Part 2 of 3)

It’s October 21st, 2015!

If you’d like, take a trip back in time to February 25th, 2011, and read my article about “Back to the Future: Part II”. Oh, and don’t forget to watch the movie, today.

#BTTF2015 #Oct21st2015 #BacktotheFutureDay

This Ain't No Ordinary Life

“Because this hoverboard incident has occurred, Biff now goes to jail!  Therefore, your son won’t go with him tonight and that robbery will never take place.  Thus, history, future history, has now been altered!”

       With resounding response, Robert Ziemeckis and Steven Spielberg’s Back to the Future1 was voted the most favorited time-travel movie among the fans that voted on my blog’s poll earlier this month.  And, as promised, I am indeed writing an article on the movie.  However.  I realized, once I started, that there was much more than a fun story in this series.  So I decided to write this blog in three parts.  This is “Part 2” (You can view the first partHERE).  Please bear with me as I attempt to explore yet again another cinematic masterpiece.

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