Three-Tweeting the “Oscars”

February 22nd, 2015 @ 7 E.T.

Then there were 3.
Oh, yes. We are back and bigger than ever, my friends. As you didn’t think we possibly could have gotten.

The 87th Academy Awards season is upon us. Have you felt it? We have. Since our “beginnings” in 2012 (Tweeting the “Oscars”), to our self parody the following year (Re-Tweeting the “Oscars”) and all the way to last years Live Event (LIVE Tweeting the “Oscars”), your unofficially-official hosts @samuelrafuse and I (@rempelmasters) have brought our thoughts, feelings and humorous insights to the airing of the snags and snubs of the Academy Awards. So why should this year be any different?

BECAUSE. Because we want it to be. Because it’s fun to try and make it be. Because my O.C.D. on having sequel titles to movies (or blog posts) is out of control and not getting any better.

Oscars 2015 promo 1-3
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But enough about me, let’s talk about what is different. Well, my good friend and roommate Tim Rutley (@TimR20) is joining us this year. He may not profess to know more than the average Joe does about the Oscars, but he’s 100% enthusiastic about joining in OFFICIALLY this year, and after 2014’s Live Tweet disaster (which included a brief appearance by himself and much crying in a corner afterwards), we can’t afford another ratings drop.

No, I kid. This will be a great event. And the reason for the hashtag choice is simple: Rempel, Rutley and Rafuse. Our last names can’t mean this year was a coincidence, right?
We’re excited and of course you are also. Why wouldn’t you be? So grab a couch, turn on the t.v., realize February 22nd is still a few days away, turn off the t.v., get off the couch, do something with your life for a bit, and come back on the 22nd to join us for the whole experience.

So, you want a list of this years’ nominees? Fine. I’ll do it for you: .

The 87th Academy Awards hosted by Neil Patrick Harris

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