Shutter Speed [A Photo Blog]

No. I’m not a photographer. In fact, I do much better with motion-capture (hence my love for film and their filming styles).

Nevertheless, I still do enjoy photography and have many friends that are excellent photographers. (If you want to check some of them out, the links to their professional sites will be listed BELOW!)

But this post will be something that I will continue to add to. I’ve named this on-going post “Shutter Speed” – in reference to the fact that these are all taken from my car (most while driving, yes) with my 8.0 megapixel phone camera. There may be the occasional tweaking of “film” effects, but other than that, everything is as you see it. Enjoy!

*TIP: Hover above the photo with your cursor to view the photo title. The picture number and date are directly below the photo.*

And feel more than free to comment below (just mention which photo number you’re commenting on so it doesn’t get confusing)!


Picture #001
Picture #002

If you look to pretty much the middle of the picture (ABOVE), you’ll notice a white dot, not in line with the street lights.  That’s the moon.

Picture #003 | Feb. 16th, 2012
Picture #004.1 | Feb. 17th, 2012
Picture #004.2 | Feb. 17th, 2012
Picture #005 | Feb. 17th, 2012
Picture #006.1 | Feb. 24th, 2012
Picture #006.2 | Feb. 24th, 2012
Picture #007 | March 1st, 2012
Snow Day
Picture #008 | March 6th, 2012
Picture #009 | March 15th, 2012
Picture #010 | March 17th, 2012



A couple of my friends, whom are photographers (click on the links):

Umbrella [John and Sharee Harstone] | or Facebook Search: “Umbrella Photography”

Jenna Taryn [Jenna Rutherford] | or Facebook Search: “Jenna Taryn Photography-Design”

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